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Audio & Video Production

There are many area's we can help with your video and audio needs. We can simply just edit your videos for your YouTube channel or help create the videos and then edit or maybe just create the videos.

We specialize in helping churches with sound and lights and streaming of church services, we can step in and just train your current team, help you redesign the systems that you have in place or even help with a large production or event.

As far of the video production, we have the ability to shoot simple multi-camera projects with just iPhones and live mixed together with no editing, that is great for live streaming or to save time and not have to edit anything.

We have some equipment to help enhance your next outdoor event.

The best is to contact us and let's talk about your need and see if we have a solution for you.



Using simple video production techniques we can reduce the cost and the time it takes to produce videos. We use several methods to produce video depending on the need and the budget, the quickest and simplest is producing a multi-camera shoot using iPhones and mixing / editing live and when the production is over, the completed video is ready to go.

Visit our YouTube Channel for a few examples


We have a team we can pick from to help with audio needs for running sound in your church to recording your next Nashville album

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