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Telephone Consulting

For over 32 years Douglas has worked in and around the business telephone industry and has installed and configured hundreds of systems of all sizes from two telephones to thousands of phones.

Whatever your need is in telecommunications, reach out and at least ask if there is anything that we can help you with regarding you needs.

We classify ourselves as Solution Providers.

Phone Story

Douglas started in the phone business in 1992 not knowing anything about the business, he started as a cable puller running telephone and computer cables for companies all over the greater Atlanta area. After a short period of cable pulling he moved into the Installation Department installing phone systems for small to medium sized businesses. Over the next year he was picked to install a new model and design system from NEC call the 2000, this system was able to grow in size to 512 phones, he was one of the first students in the class at the NEC American Training Center. After that education and months installing that system, Douglas moved into the Service Department and eventually was promoted and moved to Orlando Florida where he was the Operations Manager for the office, overseeing a team of techs, working with sales people on the product knowledge and training techs in all of the Florida offices. After many years of Operations, Douglas moved to Data Sales Engineering with a national phone company where they sold, telephone services, webhosting, Internet, routers, and anything that was needed to get your business functional. Back then a blazing high speed Internet circuit that was typical was 128K speed, today that would not even allow you to watch videos on YouTube, most Internet circuits today, even in your house is a thousand ties faster. He rounded out his career with public service and working at the local county as the Telecom Manager where he was an instrumental part of building a complete telecom program, helped design the telecom needs for the entire downtown county seat area, and design all telecom needs for all construction in the county for 18 years. 

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